Event Agenda finalized till date


Improvising Systems using Filters: Illusion or Reality: Do filters work in future just as they have worked in the past. Power of position sizing

Tom Basso Former CEO, Trendstat Capital Management, Inc (Interactive Video Conference)


Option Back-testing over Existing Systems, Understanding your existing system with an options perspective, Approximating the optimal strategy

Shubham Agarwal Founder & CEO at Quantsapp


Data Analysis using Python / SQL to build a Trading Algo

Alok Dharia Founder NAV Finstrat


Improvising Return / Risk Ratio of a System using Machine Learning, making a strategy more robust : Using Machine Learning to filter out 'Bad' trades

Hrishabh Sanghvi Founder - HL Investrade, Founder - Rodeo Travel Technologies, Founder - Arque Technologies


Applying Probablity Theory and Game Theory to Trading and Investing Strategies - from a Poker Wizard

Himanshu Patil Co-Founder, Ardent


What we learned from the Kaggle Two-Sigma News Sentiment Competition : Does news sentiment generate alpha? Does machine learning work out-of-sample? Does successful ML project imply successful trading strategy?

Dr. Ernest Chan Managing Member of QTS Capital Management, LLC (Interactive Video Conference)


Trading Systems on Renko charts, Understanding Renko charts from system trading perspective, Couple of Trading systems with chart examples and back-testing Important aspects of designing systems on Renko charts, Trading Options using Renko charts

Prashant Shah Founder and CEO, Defneedge Solutions