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Third session of QUANTACT Webinar Series:

Topic: "Beat the Market with a Simple SuperTrend Strategy"
Date: 14th March 2019 - 7 P.M. IST

  • 1) A simple Nifty Bank Nifty Strategy that exceeds the Buy & Hold returns with significantly lower Drawdowns

    2) Basic Amibroker Code for the above Strategy

    3) Demo of an algorithmic trading strategy

    4) System Validation on In-sample and out-sample data

    5) Concepts and measures for testing robustness of the Strategy


  • Matt Radtke

    Trader, Researcher, Software Engineer

    Matt Radtke is a trader, researcher, software engineer, and freelance consultant with a focus on helping clients build and test quantified trading strategies using AmiBroker. After earning a pre-internet Computer Science degree from Michigan State University, he spent more than two decades writing software for a variety of companies from small startups to multinational conglomerates like Hewlett-Packard. Mr. Radtke started trading stocks and options in 2007, and later added futures to the mix. In 2010 he was introduced to the concept of quantified trading by Larry Connors, and by 2012 was a researcher, author, and speaker for Connors Research. He continues in that role today as part of his consulting business and has dozens of additional clients from around the globe. More information is available at his web site

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